Who am I but just a Vermont girl who is into fitness and organic gardening,   With all of the wonderful information available, I needed a place to store it for easy reference.  Saving articles here via Weekly Snippets,  I hope you enjoy this information as much as I have.

I’ve finished my studies and now working with clients as a Certified Personal Trainer, contact me to set up your free consultation today.

I have strong feelings about how to live well and be happy. This isn’t to say that I believe that life should be perfect and without “bumps” in the road. I do try very hard to not become overwhelmed by the details of day-to-day living and enjoy the big picture, smell the flowers so to speak. My routine chores are connected in such a way that they work on helping the inner self. I firmly believe that we should eat “close to the earth” and that we all need to exercise both our physical body and our minds.

Growing up a pseudo homesteader started my interest in gardening and healthy living. Gardening and exercise are the things that occupy much of my free time.  Exercise can take many forms; I now do Yoga to improve flexibility, I have been weight training for 20+ years, do many forms of cardio training including my biking during the week. The beauty of improving your cardiovascular fitness, and weight training, is that you can start at anytime and continue into the twilight years of your life. Beyond the fact that you will look and feel better, you will use your muscles to create wonderful lifetime benefits.

While I do still spend an exorbitant amount of time in my gardens, 2012 brought a change in the form of joining a CSA program. Due to our soil conditions and some irritating gardening problems (blight, drought, grubs and temperature variants out of my control for example) I wanted to supplement my existing garden.  While the CSA isn’t organic, I like to support my local farmer and get produce freshly harvest. When selecting I keep to the non-pesticide approved choices list. After our first year, our future garden plans will lean towards growing organic veggies found on the dirty dozen list and to harvest more items to be canned for future uses.

My experiment with affiliate programs (ie.; Amazon, Google, Beachbody), in an effort to support the blog, comes with reservations.  I love to share freely with people but also would enjoy something in return for the time and commitment blog takes, it certainly keeps up the motivation to continue.   I do hope various posts of items that I have used and loved, with shameless attached linkage for purchase, (thus allowing me to earn a miniscule percentage from the sale) isn’t to offensive and also hope you utilize my links when needed, if so, Thank you.

If you have any questions on how I can help you reach your goals feel free to contact me and let me help you too.