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On my cluttered desktop this first week of May (W1 may 2017) you might find an interesting mish mash of things. This week I’m working in the gardens, keeping up with my fitness reading, and working out a knitting pattern for my mother. It certainly is an interesting mix; gardening and fitness roughen up my hands making yarn handling more interesting.

My Cluttered Desk W1 May 2017

This advertisement from the 70’s misleads the public into believing sugar is a weight control ingredient, appealing to women. The ice cream in the image is very phallic, which appeals to men. Image via Nerd Fitness

One of the first things I’ve had on my desk is fitness reading. This morning I have a really interesting piece by Nerd Fitness regarding hidden sugars in our foods, what to look for, and a few steps to avoid added sugars.

Michael Pollan, author of the Omnivore’s Dilemma said it succinctly: “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”

That’s excellent advice that is definitely worth following. In the article by Nerd Fitness titled, “That Time I Worked For the Sugar Industry…1 a little briefing on sugar history, advertising, and the fleecing of America as it relates to sugar and manipulation.

In place of soda, since sales are slipping, the industry now markets “healthy” beverages; with hidden sugars. Sugar sells product as it is a very addicting substance, for some sugar is as addicting  (8 times more) as cocaine2. It’s a frustrating situation when the people who are supposed to protect the public work so hard to make money for the big corporations.

Apparently, or so told by NPR as it related to JAMA Internal Medicine3, they report that the sugar industry funded research to say fats were bad and sugar was the good guy. You know what happens when studies are funded by an industry; follow the money for a report slanted toward said company.

That really burns my biscuits!

This era is full of misleading advertisements relating to sugar, some of which suggest weaning babies off breast milk and onto coca cola.

Nerd Fitness Fitness, and myself, have noticed people who believe they are making an improved choice with fruit smoothies, juice, and water with vitamin. This seems innocent enough until you read labels and realize the healthy alternatives are filled with crack, in the form of sugar.

“These beverages, despite everything you’re told on their labels and what they advertise, are as bad for you (or worse) than drinking a soda:

  • 20 oz Vitamin water Power-C: 120 calories and 31 grams of sugar
  • 20 oz Smoothie King “Pure Recharge” Mango Strawberry: 210 calories and 50g of sugar
  • 20 oz Naked Juice Green Machine (100% real juice, no sugar added): 270 calories and 53 grams of sugar

At least when you drink a soda you know you’re making an unhealthy choice!” Nerd Fitness

On my desk W1 May 2017

I’m currently trying to figure this pattern out to help out my mom and it’s a PITA

The whole industry pisses me off, so does this knit pattern for lily of the valley4 as I keep increasing two additional stitches in the bobble rows. I think I must be bobbling wrong, I’ve redone it multiple times so I’m off to practice my stitch in time. If any of you can the fix, feel free to give me a heads up.

I’m off to work myself up to a tizzy trying to get this knit thing to work and help my mother out. If it gets to difficult, it might be a good opportunity to pop out in the yard to burn off energy; weeding, planting, and shoveling the mountain of mulch out in the driveway; pursuing happiness.




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4 Responses to My Cluttered Desktop W1 May 2017

  1. Haralee

    I have been eating very very low on sugar for a few months and now fruit tastes really sweet! I love that knitting pattern is gorgeous!
    Haralee recently posted…What’s Mine is Mine, What’s Yours is Mine, A Cat’s LifeMy Profile

  2. Christie Hawkes

    Thank you for the interesting history on sugar promotion. I definitely have a sweet tooth. For the most part, I can control it with a small piece of dark chocolate or a small bakery item (fat and sugar!), but I crave something sweet after lunch and dinner. I love the Michael Pollen quote and have made a concerted effort to eat real food, mostly plants in the last year or so. Thanks again for sharing.


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