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For the record, I’m addicted to a mindless reality show. I don’t actually watch them for the sake of entertainment, more for background noise while I work. Shows where people live together in some weird arrangement or survive on a deserted island, with nothing but a fork and a loin cloth, don’t interest me. Instead, I’ve followed the lives of four teens, now adults, from Teen Mom 2 for years. My 600 pound Life typically is a year in the life of the morbidly obese and the doctor who does gastric surgery in, attempting to save their lives.

After watching current episodes of the above reality series, I’m looking for new mindlessness. I discovered “Mama June, Not to Hot” recently, I’m not sure what to think. Mama June is mother to Honey Boo Boo, a former reality show child beauty pageant competitor with a larger than life attitude. Mama June, whose family seems to have a background of obesity, decided to lose weight. Mama June wants to show Sugar Bear, her ex, that he should be sorry for cheating on her.

Mama June Hot to Not reality show

Mama June, before and after, is almost unrecognizable post weight loss. Image via: US magazine.

During the first episode, I wasn’t sure I would be able to continue watching the series due to Mama June’s demeanor. It bothered me how June crudely bashed her children’s fathers while the children are present and an overall meanness towards others. I wondered if things are as they seem, hoping it’s editing. As a watcher of “Honey Boo Boo” I became accustomed to Mama June and her physical appearance; it took time for my brain to accept the thinner version of June. Without giving to much of the show away, Mama June does very well with her progress. She hires a larger than life trainer, Kenya Crooks, who coaches her to continued success.

Mama June’s behavior doesn’t improve by much as the episodes continue to roll out, one scene in a bridal boutique would never happen in real life. Again, I’m sure it’s all in editing but I would love to see Mama June’s enthusiasm and success influence her family towards living a healthy lifestyle. So far that isn’t happening as her immediate circle only serves to tempt her with bad choices.

I do watch, or listen, to these silly reality shows and feel bad, almost dirty, for my indulgences. Time is spent watching Smithsonian, Discovery, Animal Planet, National Geographic, and PBS; not just to cleanse myself of reality show hell. I realize that I have a television addiction; perhaps I should just shut it off and listen to music.

Do you watch reality TV and if so, what is your guilty pleasure?


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