I’ve always been a DIY person, from making clothes, building cabinets, sewing curtains, pottery, and so much more. When there is something to be done, I love to look for creative ways to finish a project creatively. I want to jazz up the home decor, looking around I couldn’t really find anything I like.

I’ve always liked cute signage with creative sayings, which is why finding information on DIY blackboard crafting caught my eye. These chalk and blackboard designs would dress up any event, detailed to fit your occasion. .

The process looks doable for sure, especially after reviewing a post or two explaining the process. The first DIY blogger I found, Missbizzibee.com has a fairly straightforward post detailing the process. The way Missbizzibee describes the 4 steps, yes only 4, makes the project seem so EASY; but wait. After reading through her post, I realize there are more than four steps involved in the process; more like 8 steps

The original four steps include:

  1. Finding a font

    DIY blackboard

    An image from Missbizibee.com showing her handiwork on a home created blackboard sign. Click the image to open their page.

  2. Tracing the outline of each letter in the sentiment onto your board
  3. Making the lettering look like chalk
  4. Adding embellishments as needed.

In reality, there are more than 4 steps, I count 8; missing are:

  1. Downloading the desired font.
  2. Using word (or similar program) to create the phrase in the correct font size, then print.
  3. Once the phrase is printed, the next step is to arrange the lettering as you’d like to see it on your poster board with graphite paper underneath.
  4. Outlining and filling in the fonts is also included in the process.

Psst. I’m sliding in this antiqued wood sign, which I love love love, as evidence from the various things we already have. I have to say, Elegant Nest has briefly outlined the steps to the

DIY blackboard

The sign creations from Elegant Nest are beautiful and look easy to create. The hardest part would be find the wording you desire.

DIY process. With a little “reading between the lines,” you can create a piece of your own.

Elegant nest uses 7 steps from start to finish for their gorgeous creations.

  1. Finding the appropriate piece of wood for your project and doing a light color wash (of choice) on the wood first.
  2. Choosing the font then use MS Word (or program of choice) to design and print your phrase.
  3. Arrange your phase the way you want it to appear with graphic or tracing paper between the board and printed image.
  4. Trace your phrase on the board with graphite or tracing paper.
  5. Painting the lettering, I like the look of white lettering with dark shadowing.
  6. Light sanding to distress the lettering and give it an aged look.
  7. Finishing with both light and dark wax.

The steps seem simple enough, I wish the site included a bit more detail per step involved. I love the look of these pieces and the soft nuance of the colors, the cragginess of the aged wood. Visit Elegant Nest for more information on this and other fun project ideas.

Elegant nest mentions being inspired by Miss Mustard Seed. I visited the site and found a lot of great ideas and love the decorating ideas; I couldn’t find anything about sign creation. Miss Mustard Seed is loaded with popup advertisements that slow page loading also making the site skippy. Miss Mustard seed is worth the visit, just be warned.

antiqued painted wood sign blackboard

Look at it! How could you not want to one for yourself. What do you have to lose, except a board and some time. I also love the board and batten. Image Via: Elegant Nest

I think the overall process would be easy enough to create. When renovating this 1800’s house, we had a few left over aged boards. I’m hoping to get a few pieces done this summer, nothing wild or to abstract.

Are you a crafter?

Have you created your own DIY blackboard signs, if so I’d love to see them.

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  1. Susan Slade

    Wish I had the time.

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