Our summers are mostly spent outside and with friends. As a group, we often gather together for meals, each bringing their own dish. Like most groups of friends, there’s a central location where most folks gather. My spouse and I would like to find something different that would bring people to us, taking the workload off others.

When I randomly stumbled upon a meme for a DIY pizza oven, I was over the moon with excitement. Picturing various scenarios where we hosted a pizza party at our place. Wood coals wouldn’t be a problem as we tend to have a fire nightly on the weekends. The only hurdle, convincing my spouse that we could actually build one “ourselves” as it does look like a big project.

The process of building a DIY Pizza oven seems easy enough, I even asked for a Dremel so I could cut the hole for the stove pipe. Reading the steps, listed below, does make the process sound rather simple. I’ve done these projects enough to know sometimes the simple things are the hardest to complete, which is the root of my spouses hesitation I’m sure.

I’ll leave you to these steps while I lovingly work to convince my spouse that this is a great idea.

10 Easy Step to a DIY Pizza Oven

1. Locate; drum, stove pipe and large pipe sleeve.
2. Draw stove pipe shape, cut opening in drum.
3. Insert stove pipe.
4. Slide sleeve over stove pipe.
5. Cover with soil.
6. Line with firebricks
7. Start firewood inside barrel, burn until hot
8. Assemble Pizzas on sheets (these pizzas don’t cook directly on the stone)
9. Remove burning embers from barrel
10. Place prepared pizza sheets on stone, cook 8 – 10 minutes with wooden door over opening.


Thank you to: /WayOutWestx2/ for this video link. Way Out West is only found on YouTube at this time. I’m glad they convinced Henry the horse to assist in gathering the dirt for their oven.

We have a nice location which would be easy to bury the drum and plenty of dirt to use as well. I’m also researching portable outdoor wood fired pizza ovens just in case he can’t be convinced.


It could happen, if so, I’ll keep you posted.

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