After a long Vermont winter, we spent a week in Punta Gorda Florida to rejuvenate ourselves. As expected, shorts were needed immediately as the average temperature was in the 80’s, oh so perfect.

simple pleasure tiki spring

Dave at the Lighthouse tiki bar.

Our vacation started with a night on Fort Myers Beach. We stayed in a kitschy place called Lighthouse Resort Inn & Suites, in the Times Square area of the island. This was a place to unwind after our flight, everything we needed was found within walking distance. We strolled down to the pier and pedestrian mall, enjoyed local entertainment and artisan performers. On the pedestrian mall, Bistro dining and open air pubs lined the paved walkway.

We didn’t eat on the mall, instead opted for The Yucatan Beach Stand. Listening to their featured performer, Wendal Ray, who did a great job entertaining the crowd. Their varied menu made it hard to chose; we both had salads with local fish and we’re not disappointed. We moved on when we were served warm beers, the only negative thing about the place.

Simple pleasure fort myers Pier springWe ended our night at the resort’s Tiki bar and the crowd was lively, the bartender entertained us with fancy dance moves while mixing drinks. It was karaoke night, which at times earned its scarioke name, there were some amazing singers; the margaritas by the bucket helped smooth things out. We headed up to our room early, thinking the crowd would keep us up but found the room to be well insulated to the outside noise. The two bedroom two bath suite was well appointed and the beds very comfortable.

Simple pleasure fort myers beachs springIn the morning the tiki bar had a very nicely done breakfast. After we went for a stroll along the beach, which was right across the street. The fishing pier, right off the pedestrian mall went quite far out with a covered area and shop for supplies. Overall this was a great stop which was simple and easy to plan.

Fort Myers would be worthy of more exploration on a different trip. After our overnight visit we left for Punta Gorda for the remaining part of our stay.


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