Start the new year off right; cleanup your email

Face it, you’ve needed an email cleanup and overhaul for too long. Your inbox is so cluttered with subscriptions and junk email that you’ve given up.

It happens to almost all of us from time to time. I discovered a few years ago, which has been a big help. is a free service that promises to manage and cleanup your email subscriptions. Getting started is easy, when signed in you see an organized list of subscriptions make them a breeze to manage. lets you:

  • Unsubscribe in the click of a button. (don’t worry, you can retrieve them)
  • Keep choice subscriptions in your inbox
  • Unroll the rest for review in one daily email. Opening one email allows for a quick run through, reading the interesting pieces.
  • I’ve noticed that my subscription list includes email addresses placed there without my knowledge. These junk mail subscriptions typically allow multiple emails addresses from hitting the spam folder:

Keeping up with your reading interests becomes much easier. Keeping important emails at a glance makes managing your day much more relaxed.

In the past I did cleanup on my email accounts annually, the Increase of junk mall means doing so more often.

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