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We have a beautiful bike path close by that is often busy with runners at various times of the day. I watch them pass by and for just a moment, wonder what motivates them to keep at it. Many times over the course of my life, I’ve attempted running and each time the activity was more of a chore than anything else.

I’ll never be a runner, although at some point I’d like to do a 5k, perhaps a 10k; I can’t imagine running a marathon. I’ve watched many friends plodding along for hours in all types of weather. These friends tell me there is a huge sense of accomplishment when crossing the finish line. For me, jogging around the block is a huge accomplishment; it’s all perspective I suppose.

Biking is my cardio of choice, I love how quickly you get from point a to point b. I’m also a bit of a chicken when exercising alone; the speed of a bike give me a sense of comfort. Being a packrat, I like that I can carry all that I need on my bike; something you can’t do while running.

What is your cardio of choice?

Bike riding along the shore

Bike riding along the shore

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  1. Susan Slade

    I do an hour Zumba class 4 times a week.

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