Take the mystery out of commenting with a Daily Post Course

Reading blog posts is a great way to discover and learn new things. Blogs can be entertaining, especially the comment section, which become lively at times. Many people read posts but are intimidated when sharing their thoughts. Your comment on a post is helpful; it lets the author know what does and doesn’t work. Posting your stamp of approval helps confirm the blog or website, letting search engines know the blog is legitimate. If leaving your thoughts on a post sounds complicated, let Daily Post rescue you.

Their course helps with: formatting, sharing your opinion, disagreeing politely, and working html into the comment field; with some etiquette thrown in.

Daily Post offers a multifaceted course list; today we’re discussing commenting basics.


commenting basics

The five-day challenge helps cross you over from reader to comment maven.

One email a day helps with:

  • Posting a comment in new places
  • Disagreeing in a comment
  • Asking questions
  • Sharing personal stories
  • Using HTML in comments

As a blogger, comments on blogs helps rankings with: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Alexa and other search engines. It helps confirm your blog and to build relationships with sites and authors in your genre. Leave your thoughts on sites who share the same interest; posting on blogger “how to”sites works positively as well.

Building relationships helps with:

  • Finding a resource for further information or to ask questions.
  • You might be able to guest post on their site building valuable back links.
  • Asking for a guest post on your site as well.
  • Allows readers interested in your genre to discover your site.

Do you typically comment when you like a post?

Do you share the post with others?
What are your thoughts on this post, share your feelings in the comment section below.

See what I did there; I’m begging for your response.








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