The daily word prompt photo challenge this week is magic. The challenge to provide a photo which brings the magic of wonder back into your lives. Over the last few years that aspect of the holiday was lost from our adult only home. The magic of the holiday is hidden within the heart and minds of children. This year’s holiday tradition will change, we once traveled to grandma’s house every, this year we are gramma’s house.

magicMy readers know that we’ve recently welcomed a new grand-daughter into our lives. She will be 3 months old this season, too young for the wonders of the holiday. Her half-brother, at 6 still believes, we’re thrilled to share in his joy and wonder.

The past few years the house was decorated without the enthusiasm that the holiday typically brings. Our home is now filled with the joyful laughter of children prompting us to rethink the holiday with renewed Vigor.

Christmas is a holiday for children, the joy of watching their faces as they rush into the room to see what a jolly old saint left for them. In years past the gifts were few, the most lavish gift came from Santa. The holiday is still exciting for children, even though they are often inundated with gifts throughout the year; yet their hearts are still filled with the magic of the holiday.





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