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I’ve been working on a simple project for almost 6 months, struggling to bring the concept into action. As a fitness and nutrition coach, I’d like to offer my services outside of my personal demographic by setting up an online delivery system. While I have all I need to initiate the plan, I’m working on streamlining the needed resources.

I’ve spent days organizing all the documents, then setting them aside as my duties as wife and mother take precedence. This on again off again process has significantly slowed down completing this task, which weighs heavily on me.

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I had decided to stop working outside the home, certain that the additional time would facilitate my goal of going online. What I’ve discovered was that my days were filled with tasks around the home. I found this fact rather confusing, how had I kept up our life when I worked out of the house I wondered.


The problem with setting things aside is reorganizing things to continue further complicating things, also trying to remember where you left off. I’ve postponed the start date of my program over and over again. If things continue like this, I can’t see this project coming to completion anytime in the near future.
Mind the Gap


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  1. Laurie says:

    Hey Janet! I feel you!
    I have specifics 20 minute desicated time slots for thing I am trying to accomplish. It has helped.

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