I’ve started a collection of 21 Instant Pot recipes, please add yours.

I can’t wait to try these 21 Instant Pot recipes. You might wonder what an Instant Pot is and what it is used for, I did when I first heard about it.

Instant Pot 21 RecipesI told my dearest hubby he already purchased my Valentine’s day gift, he asked why I needed another pot to clear my sinuses. (We’ve been struggling with a nasty cold lately) No dear, this is the gift that keeps on giving; like Victoria’s Secret.

Explaining the advantages of crock pot cookery, why I was afraid of pressure cookers as had sent my mother to the hospital many moons ago!

The Instant Pot is new and improved, the website lists the benefits, of the 7 in 1 pot being the 3rd generation Programmable pot.

I’m glad I waited until this point as the 7 in 1 instant pot is the first of the series to include yogurt maker! 

The benefits of the Instant Pot, as stated on their site, is that it can speed up cooking time between 2 to 6 times all while using 70% less energy. Friends tell me it’s a money saver as it transforms cheaper cuts of meat into delectable dishes.

What initially got my attention? Putting frozen foods in, programming the pot, then coming home to perfectly cooked meals held at a safe temperature until you’re ready to eat!! Hell to the O my

Still, I debated as the full retail cost is over $120, my friends mentioned buying used as often times the only issue is a damaged box. Checking out Amazon and I found that to be true at a cost less than half of retail.

Why do they call it the 7 in 1?

I found this list, along with a link to free PDF collection of recipes, on the Instant pot website.

They say it will replace your:

  1. Pressure cooker
  2. Slow cooker
  3. Rice cooker/porridge maker
  4. Saute/browning pan
  5. Steamer
  6. yogurt Maker
  7. Stockpot warmer

We only have 3 of the 7 listed items, which makes this an intelligent purchase; great work Hun. Enough about the wonders of Instant Pot, on with the show!!

21 instant pot recipes

Pulled pork, the first run on the 21 Instant pot recipes

The number one recipe as to why I wanted the Instant Pot had to do with Pork, that is where we shall start the 21 recipes list.

  1. Pulled Pork via: Great Chow (alternate recipes and video included)
  2. Kalua Pig via Nom Nom Paleo (I checked, no Kalua in the recipe)
  3. BBQ Pulled Pork via: Amazing One Pot Meals
  4. Baby Back Ribs via: Gracie Cooks (homemade bbq y’all)
  5. Citrus Pork Carnitas via: Call Him Yes Chef
  6. Cuban Lechon Asado via The Curious Coconut
  7. Balsamic Pork Roast via Skinny Taste
  8. Lemon Garlic Chicken via: Predominately Paleo (it seems most IP sites are Paleo)
  9. Fall of the Bone Chicken via Healing Gourmet
  10. Shredded Chicken via BodynSoil (I’ve read people shred meat with a hand mixer) ****** favorite
  11. Frozen to Fab in 15 min chicken via FlavorRd (game changer when you forget to thaw)
  12. Beef Stew via The Domestic Man (with root veggies)
  13. Maple Smoked Brisket via: Bare Root Girl
  14. Beef Stroganoff via: Farm and Foodie
  15. Beef Chili via My Heart Beets
  16. Cabbage Rolls via: BodynSoil
  17. Bone Broth via Food Renegade (Every soup base needs to start here)
  18. Soup Collection via: Pressure Cooking Today (all of the best, forget the rest)
  19. Hard Boiled Eggs via Cherry Blossom Kitchen (rumor has it they peel easier)
  20. Yogurt via Fast Healthy Cooking (Perfect when you have fresh whole milk)
  21. Boston “Baked” Beans via: Pressure Cooking Today (Boiled and soaked method, a no soak recipe is available)

To convert recipes to the Instant Pot, Hip Pressure Cooking has a convenient timing chart available. Nom Nom Paleo mentions that due to the lower pressure in the Instant Pot (11.6psi) over standard stovetop (15 psi) cookers, to add 7 to 15% more time to standard recipes.

When finished cooking the main meal, try on of these 5 dessert recipes, easy and impressive.

As I discover, or convert more recipes, I’m adding them to my site. Click this link for the Instant Pot recipe index.

What do you think, do you own an Instant Pot and have recipes to share with me?

How has your Instant Pot worked for your family, I’d love to hear your story and recipes.








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11 Responses to 21 Instant Pot Recipes to wow your family

  1. I’m not going to lie. I’ve been wanting one of these. But I already have a crock pot and rice cooker. My mother used a pressure cooker often while I was growing up and everything she cooked in it was delicious. You may have toppled me over the edge of my resolve!

  2. […] typically this was a cooking technique we used with pork. FlavorRD’s recipe eleven from 21 Instant Pot recipes to Wow your family seemed the most versatile. Flavorrd’s frozen to fab’s basic recipe had flavor […]

  3. […] find that to be an issue in this quick recipe. No need to use your pressure cooker, or your Instant Pot, as this recipe is on your table faster than […]

  4. Dave Hughes

    Dave “The Husband” here. I’m sold on the InstaPot. At first I thought of another kitchen gadget that will end up deep in the cupboard. Once you taste all of the quickly made recipes you’ll be sold and if you are used to the usual 1 hour prep time we face for many protein & vegetable entrees, those days are over with the InstaPot. Put it on your wish list. You wont be disappointed.

  5. Jean Pope says:

    Thanks, had mine for several months. Never learned how to use it.

    • Bodynsoil says:

      I was skeptical at first; now I’m so glad we have it as we use it a few times a week. It’s been really hot here, I find myself cooking outside with it to keep the indoor temps down. As a health and fitness coach, it also makes meal preparation much easier.
      Bodynsoil recently posted…12 of 12 for July 2016My Profile

  6. Cathi

    Thanks for linking to my blog! It’s so true, eggs peel much easier after cooking in the Instant Pot! Great compilation of recipes!
    Cathi recently posted…Cantaloupe Prosciutto Skewers with Mozzarella and TomatoesMy Profile

  7. Natalie says:

    Wondering how I can find instructions on properly canning some of these recipes.

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