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** This post is now updated with more images and details here: Updated Kariza Dress


After one of our expedition days exploring the Newport, RI area we came back to the main drag to walk around the wharfs. We were trolling the old brick market when we came upon a dress hanging outside that said “one dress 100 styles!” My husband liked that idea immediately, most likely thinking it would mean I wouldn’t be shopping again anytime soon.. hmmm yeah sure hun.. He suggested we go in, who am I to argue, in we went.

What is a trip without a little shopping, retail therapy, just doing my part to pump up the economy..

We learned that Kariza is a Brazilian native that studied design in her native country who now has home offices in Miami. Looking around we saw many various styles and colors offered in the wraps which came in three length choices: long, medium and short. Ultimately I chose the medium as it offered more versatility for my personal style.

Below are two panels that shows one wrap done in 4 different ways.

Kariza Wrap Dress, 100 ways to wear 1 Item

Kariza Wrap Dress, 100 ways to wear 1 Item


We saw a lot of different color patterns for this wrap but most importantly we started talking to the sales staff. The girl in charge was extremely friendly, I felt like we were besties after about 5 minutes. What a great sales technique as I was so comfortable with her that soon she was dressing me in many configurations of these cute wrap dresses.


Kariza Wrap Dress Options for Wear

Below is a video that shows just a few of the options that this one wrap skirt can be worn, I need to practice some of these wraps techniques myself.  As soon as I have a few photos of my choice in wraps I will post photos.


Not only does the Kariza Design company have wrap dresses as an option for purchase, they also have swimwear, swim cover-ups and also other dress styles like this one I wore just the other night. I found a particular dress is very well made and has a fit that I find to be very flattering for my body.


Do you have a wrap dress by Kariza Design or would you consider wearing one if you had a store locally?

The concept is very simple and it can be quickly recreated by the handy seamstress..


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