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BlogEngage Sponsor Review

As a new member of BlogEngage I try to dedicate a certain amount of time each day reading and commenting on blogs. Choosing which Bloggers to read is a difficult task when there are so many excellent choices available. This morning, while browsing the offerings, I noticed Newbie Lifeline, just what I needed as I felt I was drowning in information.

is the newest addition to my arsenal. I have made this my top twitter app. I can fill my Buffer in just a few minutes and have Tweets going out all day long.”

I have been using Twaiter, a name which raises eyebrows (ahem), with much success but noticed Buffer takes it one step farther, by suggesting tweets  and allowing you to highlight quality content inside a document for tweeting. Newbie lifeline also mentions a guest post by “How to Write Kick-ass Tweets that Standout”, as a source for more info on Buffer, which I quickly popped over to see.

Not only can you tweet a page but you can tweet a line in a page to0!

What was the question this post answered for me? I have noticed many bloggers posting great content tweet after tweet and wondered what service they used to do this. I knew from experience these tweeters where not posting live (nor were they making up this content themselves)  Buffer, and Newbie Lifeline, answered my long sought after question of how to create great content effortlessly!

In the first two posts I read from Newbie Lifeline I found a lot of quality content, I am now looking further into older posts on this site to gleen much more information from this treasure trove. I’ve notice the header menu item WordPress bring you to a title only page, many that are begging to be explored.

I would suggest Newbie Lifeline to beginner bloggers or to someone looking to tweak or freshen up what you are doing already.

Goodbye for now Newbie Lifeline, my garden beckons, later this evening I will be back lurking in the night to explore the depths of your blogsite, that isn’t too stalkerish is it.. 😉

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6 thoughts on “BlogEngage Sponsor Review: Newbie Lifeline

  • Patricia Anne McGold

    Congrats on discovering Sheila Atwood's Newbie site! You have highlighted some of the recent blog contributions that focus on ways to utilize Twitter.

    The thing that I liked best about NewbieLifeline is the way that Sheila started with the fundamentals. Her list of "commandments" for Newbies is a gem noted in my review at….
    Happy trails in your garden!
    Patricia Anne McGold recently posted…TOM THOMSON–FOUND AT THE MUSEUM!My Profile

    • jhughes

      Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog, much appreciated. I did see the "commandment" list for Newbies but hadn't gone through it yet. I will certainly take a longer look at the Newbie commandments and also your site as well.

  • Ileane

    Hi, I'm glad to see that you joined Blog Engage. It's my all time favorite blogging community and you're so right about the large number of great blogs to read from all the members there. You picked a good one to review. Sheila has lots of valuable information on her blog Newbie Lifeline, and she's a fantastic networker too. Nice to see you giving her some props.


    btw – I added you to my Blog Engage Twitter list just now.
    Ileane recently posted…Video Blogging Women on the RiseMy Profile

    • jhughes

      Yes I have seen a lot of articles on Newbie Lifeline that I found to be very interesting and certainly intend to do more reading and learning. BlogEngage has been very helpful and also a huge growing experience for me as a new blogger.

      Thank you for the add to your BlogEngage Twitter List Ileane, I will have to follow that list myself.

    • jhughes

      I have you to thank for pointing me in this direction and sharing all your blogging tips with me. I certainly will be returning the favor and sharing what little I have learned, so far, with others.