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The Math of Macro Tracking 4

The Math of Macro Tracking The thought image, below, popped into my social media stream, which really touches on how I’ve monitored what I eat and how I manage various eating protocols that I’ve tried.  It doesn’t hurt that I love both math and puzzles, which makes macro tracking, for me, a fun math project. […]

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Simple Steps to Health and Fitness

The Simple Steps to Health and Fitness? Step right up! Read all about it! Everywhere you look you’ll see promises regarding the next miracle pill, fitness plan, and/or health tonic; all to gain better health and fitness. Some systems utilize lifestyle changes, which seem easy enough, at first at least. These changes become harder to […]

How Women Build Muscle by Ace Fitness

How Women Build Muscle   There are more myths and misconceptions about female strength training than any other area of fitness. While research continues to uncover more and more reasons why working out with weights is good for you, many women continue to avoid resistance training for fear of developing muscles of Herculean proportions. Other […]

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When good motivators go bad 8

We’ve all been there, sitting on the fence, we know our daily health and fitness regime is waiting, but we just can’t seem to motivate ourselves from being bad; so what’s a good girl to do? For me, finding motivators can be as easy as connecting with friends and in hopes that somebody, anybody, is […]

April Fitness Challenge 17

April Fitness Challenge 2012   As all my readers know, over the winter I had a little set back, which resulted in some gained weight.  Now I find myself playing catchup trying to get the last of those pounds off my frame.  My fitness hasn’t been as regimented as in the past, daily workouts still, […]

April Fitness Challenge

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Exercise helps you live a happier longer life 5

Exercise helps you live a happier longer life I am a lifetime exercise enthusiast, it isn’t surprising that each day I will find a physical activity to move my body.I love to exercise, while planning to live a fit and healthy longer life One of my goals in writing this blog, is to encourage people […]

For the Love of Coffee 4

Again my good friend from Vintage Pastiche’, who happens to be the queen of coolness, has turned me onto a social site for sharing images called Pinterest. Of course, like always, she has been using it for over a year, long before it was cool ~ because Michelle is cutting edge like that. As I […]

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Why I resolve not to make New Year Resolutions 5

Why I resolve not to make New Year Resolutions Resolutions and the New Year seem to go together for most people, for many that can also spell disaster, just one more tool to drive down self esteem.  People will resolve to get fit or healthy starting January 1st, (after the holiday festivities) but come the […]

Aging gracefully today for a better tomorrow 3

Aging gracefully today for a better tomorrow Recently, a few people I know have broken barriers, not the kind they were looking forward too however, they broke past age 50 barrier. Breaking into the golden years is a scary time and also something to celebrate. The golden years are for exploring all the finer things […]

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Beginner Fitness: Your Questions Answered 8

Often I am asked questions of people wanting to make changes to their everyday living, the most common are: So how much time should you invest with fitness each day? The recommended amount of daily activity is 150 hours per week according to the Surgeon General’s Report on Physical Activity and Health. You can exercise […]