Weekly Snippets

I need to return to posting the weekly snippets as a means to organize various things I really want to try in the future. Here are a few pieces I’ve been reading this week. Body: I’m reading this article by the Food Navigator which discusses yogurt and how marketing experts have taken a wholesome foodContinue Reading
macro tracking

The Math of Macro Tracking

The Math of Macro Tracking The thought image, below, popped into my social media stream, which really touches on how I’ve monitored what I eat and how I manage various eating protocols that I’ve tried.  It doesn’t hurt that I love both math and puzzles, which makes macro tracking, for me, a fun math project.Continue Reading
health and fitness

Simple Steps to Health and Fitness

Are there Simple Steps to Health and Fitness? Step right up! Everywhere you look you’ll see promises about the next miracle pill, fitness plan, and/or health tonic; all to gain better health and fitness. Some require lifestyle changes that seem easy enough, at first at least, which become harder to follow once the guided planContinue Reading
21 days to make a habit in steps to goals

Steps to Goals, an S2G update

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I’ve been working on Steps to Goals for 2014, so far this year I’ve accomplished some nice achievements by just working on a few things each month. My overall goal for 2014 was to complete tasks that worked to make me a healthier person, which I touched upon with S2G Steps to Goals. For theContinue Reading
fitness Inspiration

When good motivators go bad

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We’ve all been there, sitting on the fence, we know our daily health and fitness regime is waiting, but we just can’t seem to motivate ourselves from being bad; so what’s a good girl to do? For me, finding motivators can be as easy as connecting with friends and in hopes that somebody, anybody, isContinue Reading
Aging Gracefully

Fighting Age, Gracefully

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Fighting Age, Gracefully I don’t remember much of the movie” Thorn Birds” I do remember one particular scene, pertaining to age, as it spoke to me, even as a teenager. The line shared by Mary Carson (played by Barbara Stanwyck) as she replied to Ralph de Bricassart (played by Richard Chamberlin) on the stairs, wasContinue Reading

Wordless Wednesday

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Better late than never, I needed to get my workout done, a little gardening too.. Now it is time to share, I only have one Wordless Wednesday photo today.     Like this:Like Loading...
weekly workout linkup

Weekly Workout Motivation Athlete at Heart

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Recently, while reading various fit bloggers, to keep me in the right frame of mind.. Yeah because, hey, fitness professionals need inspiration too.. It isn’t all rah rah rah I live to lift and do cardio..  We need workout motivation too.. So anyway, I’m reading Athlete at, she makes point that we could, andContinue Reading

How I quickly found my lost Fitbit

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This is not how my productive Sunday was to end.. Searching high and low for a lost Fitbit.. Added insult: all the extra steps searching aren’t counted.. A quick touch revealed it is missing from the small strap supporting my summer top. My first thought was  “I’m screwed,”  I had been everywhere at home sinceContinue Reading
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