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april 2017 snippets

Image via: Andie Mitchell post

I have a whiteboard by my work space with all the “to do” notes, goals with the steps needed for completion. A wide range of things to complete, many ideas I’ve brainstormed over time. Originally, this blog was a dumping ground for items I’ve researched, or discovered, worth sharing; I’m resurrecting that series.

I’m not sure about your browser bookmarks, mine are a jumbled mess, a listing of a tasks which I’ll get to later.

This morning, after opening a bookmarked group, I discovered a saved post titled, “I’ll Do It As Soon As I Lose Weight” by Andy Mitchell. The post is older but it still rings with so much truth about how we put life off until we complete a specific task. This post is powerful as the author finally loses the weight discovering it doesn’t change their life as previously thought.

This seems to be my Lifestyle with “I’ll do it when X happens,” which in reality is a delay tactic I’ve often used as X never happens.

Most often I bookmark an open set of tabs with the intention of reading it later, a cluster of things while in a thought. This was obvious when the next article opened up titled, “All I want is a mediocre life” by A life in Progress. This spoke to me as I moved through my fifties struggling with not being a monumental force like others; with feelings of regret. The post’s opening paragraph originally caught my attention.

What if I all I want is a small, slow, simple life? What if I am most happy in the space of in between. Where calm lives. What if I am mediocre and choose to be at peace with that? “A Life in Progress

Staying on top of current topics is important when you desire to help others with their health and fitness journey. Reading, watching lectures, and listening to podcasts helps me to keep flush with information. The following most likely was discovered as I went down the rabbit hole. The blog series: “That’s so Maven” by The Healthy Maven is something I thought I wanted to listen to; I haven’t.

“That’s so Maven interviews “mavens” and shakers in the health, wellness and business spheres helping to tackle some of life’s biggest challenges in leading a balanced and intentional lifestyle. This podcast is meant to inspire, entertain and above all — find comfort in knowing you aren’t alone in your struggles.”

desktop April 2017 snippet

A round tuit, grab it if you need one

In an effort to add some variation to my workouts, WOD (Crossfits’s workout of the day) is also bookmarked. I had good intention at the time; I have never completed one WOD, not even once; I’ve thought hard about it. Apparently thinking hard is the only difficult thing completed in this area of fitness. This to is something put off until I get a round tuit.

At the time I wanted a briefing of “Why We Get Fat” by Gary Taubes. I’ve read the book and took notes. Apparently the notes were long and unorganized (shocking right) so the easy road taken in the form of a post. This post by the Crossfit Journal gives a quick rundown on the book thereby making my life that much easier.

There you have it, one bookmarked tabbed series reviewed and cleared from my browser. I’ve read what I could, haven’t completed one WOD, I’m unsure about listening to this podcast at this time. I’m feeling slightly accomplished today.

What about you, what one thing could you do that would give you the satisfaction of crossing off a task, or taking a step closer to completion?








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