Today’s theme is women and why we should remaining active. From weight training to finding your why. Read through an article or two, there are nuggets of information in the posts.

  • Weight training isn’t only about getting lean; there are many benefits to lifting from bone density. Nia Shanks gives us the deets with “Why Every Woman should Train.”
  • Keeping your fitness schedule running smoothing might be as simple as remembering why you wanted to get fit in the first place. What is your why, from fit bottom girls.
  • Why women over 40 should train, by Nia Shanks offers a lot of information for someone just starting out, along with tips for those who want to go heavy.
  • Balance, that’s the focus of this article by… from Fit Bottom Girls, “How to connect with Food.” I needed to read this after a year or so of nutrition protocol testing confused my food brain.
  • Physical and emotional health benefit from relaxation techniques. Try meditation to help lose weight, sleep better, and a general sense of well-being. For more information, Fit and Feminist wrote a piece called, “I picked the right month to start meditating.”
  • Is your gluten sensitivity taxing on you, or taxing your wallet? That’s the question presented by when writing, “What you should know about your gluten-free diet“.  With only 1% of the population having Crohns disease, what drives 10% of the population  to avoid gluten. Could marketing be part of the drive toward a higher priced specialty product?

I’ve lifted weights since my early twenties, before that I: tossed bails, split and stacked wood, and various other chores around the house. I admit that my lifting is more regimented now than then, I’m in better physical condition now than then, except older.

What about you, do you lift or will you start in the future?

I’m hoping that all my hard work will pay off, with any luck, to a long life filled with activity.

2 Responses to Women, Lifting, and Why You Need Activity

  1. Susan Slade

    I totally reversed my osteoporosis. Boxing, lifting weights, circuit training, and Zumba. At 69 I am a lean mean machine.

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