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I’ve been working from home for a little over a year, mostly part-time; a few temporary jobs here and there. My spouse has worked out of the house since before we met 30 years ago. I worked in an office for 25 years of our marriage. For all the years of our relationship, I was jokingly jealous of his hours while I rushed around prepping for my earlier hours. The benefit of my job was that I was able to walk away from my job at the end of each day; he never he never rests as he was always buried in paperwork.

It seemed like destiny that I would work from home doing accounting, management, and as an Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), at a time when my husband needed those skills himself.  These skills are parlaying perfectly with his support needs. After completing my first few editing projects for him, a pattern emerged indicating the need to bring information together using a database approach.

As I work to edit various documents, which take many hours weekly, I wonder how he found the time to  do his actual job. With my help, he’s no longer buried under mounds of paperwork, making him more efficient. My hope is that he isn’t working from the moment he wakes to when he falls asleep; never taking a day off.

For me, there are no clocks to punch, no office wear, no driving during bad weather, and no rushing around on days off to complete errands. I have more time to work on client fitness and nutrition programs which improves my offerings to clients.

I now wonder if my spouse is jealous, as he dresses and heads off to work.  I’m content completing various tasks in my lounge around the house pants. #winning..

My wish for the perfect job environment has been answered. What would you consider your perfect job?


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  1. Susan Slade

    It’s not perfect, but being at home, taking care of my husband. 24/7 with his health needs.

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