The Daily Post word for today is Blur which this past week has been like while I struggled with, seemingly, a light flu. Catching things isn’t something that typically happens to me, I’ve stopped working and exposed to so little that I’m assuming my tolerance for cooties has lowered.

We decided I’d work from home, part-time, when we priced home/yard maintenance and realized how much it would be. Once a nice balance between working outside the house vs from home was laid out, I cut myself loose from “the man” so to speak. It’s been a little over a year, staying home didn’t feel right initially; I’m now embracing my role has homemaker.

Now that the sun is moving closer and staying out longer, I feel spring is nearer than March 20th. While clearing the walkways and driveways from our latest snowstorm, I thought I heard a few bird mating calls. With the promise of spring, I’m now planning my gardening season. Last fall I divided plants in preparation for creating lower maintenance gardens. The divisions were planted in the empty vegetable garden in preparation for spring transplanting.

It seemed my conversion to home maker (how dated; I’m sure there is a better term) was timed perfectly with having seizures, as I couldn’t drive. A few months ago I became a grandmother, I’m now able to offer assistance with day care. I’m so glad that I’m able to care for my grandchild, children raised by family seem to be closer with family and more bonded over time.

bananas getting closer to harvest

Bananas in flower via

This post was rather boring so I’ll leave you with a photo of bananas in flower as they are very attractive. I’ve learned from Garden Betty  that banana plants are herbaceous perennials. Visit Garden Betty’s post titled, “A Banana Plant is a Herb” for more detailed information.







4 Responses to The Sun is Closer, Spring is Near

  1. Susan Slade

    The bananas look so beautiful

  2. John C says:

    It’s great work you are doing here, I have visited your site twice and it has been helpful. Particularly the way you craft your words……and oh the banana flower are beautiful.

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