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Today’s Daily Word is glitter, which made me laugh immediately. My mother loves a good joke, perhaps because she’s good at telling them. Glitter immediately brought a favorite of my mother’s to mind. Not all people can tell a joke well, I tend to get lost mid joke then try to make up.

I’m terrible at jokes, obviously not getting my mother’s joke telling gene. If you’ve heard this well-worn joke, I’m sorry, but here it goes. I’m not sure of the origin, if anyone knows please let me know.

My neighbor and I were sharing stories over a glass of wine. The wine loosened us up enough that we started talking about life’s embarrassing moments. Stating that she had the most embarrassing event ever, one where you didn’t know you should be embarrassed until after the fact.

My friend tells me she was busy getting the kids up and dressed, packing lunches, before driving them to school. Her phone rings, her doctors office tells her they bumped her appointment earlier in that morning. Planning her day around the afternoon appointment, she realized she had little time to spare.

Most women put in a little extra detail when it’s time for a gynecologist appointment, she had little time for that. She ran into the bathroom, grabbed a washcloth by the sink to thoroughly wash the nether regions.

Her timing was close as she called into the office moments after arriving, at least she made it. Jumping onto the table, she prepared herself mentally for the exam. A few routine questions later, the doctor moves into position, commenting that she didn’t need to go to such extremes preparing for her appointment; she didn’t understand.

After running errands, she picked up the children, and started the household routine. Her youngest daughter comes into the kitchen asking where her facecloth was, my friend told the girl to get another one. Her daughter said she couldn’t use another one because she’d put all her sparkles in it. That was the moment she understood what her doctor’s comment meant.

It’s a good thing we have more than one gynecologist in town, she had to change doctors.

Glitter makes me think of my mother for that reason.

If they ever use the word combine; I have another of her jokes that guarantees a laugh.



One Response to DPW Glitter and Mother’s Joke Telling

  1. Susan Slade

    Luckily mine is a woman, as I used a body spray, that was sparkly. Every time I went back, she reminded me of it.

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