A good friend turned me onto Pinterest some years ago, when it was first in its infancy. As I am drinking my coffee this morning I saw a few graphics, one that I wanted to share.. Well, one so far at least. Grab your beans and a fresh filter and we’ll share a cup over conversation.

At the rate I drink coffee, combined with the length of time, I should live forever!


The Medical Benefits of being a Coffee Addict via Melbourne Coffee


We love our coffee and serve it up many ways. In the summer months we make a cold brew concentrate served over ice. Cold brew is a fabulously smooth low acid coffee that is worth the wait. We make a large batch and freeze it in large cube shapes for later use.

The members of our home like different variations of coffee brews. Pod systems create a lot of waste, using the Bunn My Cafe pod system allows us to use pods that are quick and easy to disassemble, reducing waste. We did a taste trial on a coffee bag system but it left a bad taste in our mouths.





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9 Responses to For the Love of Coffee

  1. Hey Janet!

    Are you on Pinterest? General Sarge is – http://pinterest.com/generalsarge/

    As General Sarge always says – Two paws up!

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  2. Dianne says:

    I can only imagine people reading this flyer and washing down gallons of coffee.
    “I’ll take two double sized cheeseburgers, a large portion of French fries, an apple pie and a diet Coke. Oh, and 3 large cups of coffee! I want to stay healthy”.
    Coffee may have some benefits (although no studies have shown that beyond any doubt) but staying healthy has more to do with your lifestyle in general than it does with drinking 6 cups of coffee a day.
    I’m sure your heart would be just as healthy if you would care for proper nutrition and instead of 6 cups of coffee you would do 20 minutes of cardio exercises daily.

    • Bodynsoil says:

      Unfortunately, there are many people who eat poorly, then tack on something small element in the end to make it “healthy,” like a couple glasses of red wine.. LOL

  3. mukhamani says:

    We start our day with a glass of hot decoction coffee 🙂

  4. true george

    I guess you now know why coffee bags do not sell…..

  5. Haralee

    I love my coffee. Since I drink decaf I am very picky and serious about the coffee I buy for home and at shops. Glad all the benefits of coffee are being touted! I spend more on coffee per pound than any other grocery item I buy. Coffee ice cream is my favorite flavor too!
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