I had been feeling tired and worn out, my training has been intense and I suspected overtraining. I had been told about Ithlete IRV finger monitor, many of my training friends use and love the technology. Initially the unit was cost prohibitive, the costs have come way down, making it available to the general user. Why would you want to test Ithlete HRV, what is the science behind it? To avoid overtraining and worse; lack of healing as healing is when you get the most growth. According to Breaking Muscle, if you answer yes to any of these questions taking a break from training is important.

  • Persistent fatigue – are you more tired than you should be?
  • Elevated resting heart rate – this may be especially evident first thing in the morning.
  • Frequent illness – does it seem like you catch every cold and virus going around?
  • Decreased strength and performance – are you getting weaker and slower despite your workouts?
  • Insomnia – are you tired all day, but have difficulty sleeping at night?
  • Chronic muscle soreness – are you muscles always sore and tender?
  • High cortisol levels – you may notice it’s hard to get rid of the weight around your mid-section.
  • Depression – loss of motivation and enthusiasm.

After reviewing the various options on EliteTrack 2013 Reviews and PC Magazine Review I purchased the Ithlete finger sensor. I found Breaking Muscle’s review of the Ithlete wireless helpful as well. The reviews stated the prong was too short, which was resolved. The first thing I noticed was the longer prong; I was ecstatic to see that Ithlete listened to the reviews and responded by adding a 10 mm of length to the prong.

How to use the Ithlete HRV device, per their site:

This is your HRV score and is conveniently color coded to give you the day’s training recommendation.

Green = Very good recovery, you are ready to train
White = close to baseline, workout as normal
Amber = Light (aerobic) exercise or active recovery
Red = Rest

Ithlete HRV


I’m wondering if I should go pro?


I love the latest Ithlete HRV finger sensor with the longer plug (no more phone case removal). Initially, my first few attempts at getting a measurement were unsuccessful, I reached out to ithlete and within days a replacement was in my possession. The newly updated finger measurement tool is quick to respond and after a week, I’ve been able to modify my training in response to my HRV. Kuddos to Ithlete for listening to their users and making the prong longer and also to their customer support for their quick response as well.




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  1. Susan Slade

    May I ask how much it costs.

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