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On our way to the NEK (not the Italian artist) aka the Northeast Kingdom Vermont, we saw this moose coming up the bank. We always have a camera ready, especially now with cell phones. Having such a huge animal cross just in front of your car is both thrilling and frightening. Collisions with cars can be deadly for these large beasts and vehicle passengers. Soon after the crossing, the oncoming vehicle flies without slowing down, luckily avoiding a mishap. Moose, most often, are alone, sometimes their offspring are with them. When traveling through known habitat you need to be careful and keep a watchful eye out.

Moose are relatively new in Vermont as they have migrated back into the area in the 1970’s after not being seen since the 1800’s. As the numbers grew, a sighting was a huge event and quite thrilling. Unfortunately the population is in decline due to many factors, which are currently monitored closely.

We had sightings often as we traveled along Vermont’s back roads but haven’t seen one of these majestic mammals for quite some time.

Moose in Vermont

This moose image via Vermont Fish and Wildlife





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