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Energy, Calorie Intake, and your Daily Burn

As an ETP or Eat to Perform nutrition coach, I’ve worked their protocol for both nutrition and exercise. One interesting piece often discussed is TDEE, or Total Daily Energy Expenditure, and where our biggest daily energy burn comes from.

Most people might think that exercise has the largest influence on how many calories we burn each day, in a sense it does; more on that momentarily. What is surprising is that your RMR or Resting Metabolic Rate, is the largest source for daily energy requirements or calorie burn. That makes sense as there are 24 hours in a day, most people aren’t exercising for every hour and every minute of their day.

Now you’re wondering what can you do to drive up your RMR or Resting metabolic rate, making it burn hotter?

The answer:

Building and maintaining Muscle mass, or lean body mass, will make your RMR burn hotter while at rest. Click To Tweet

TDEE Energy, Calorie Intake, and Daily Burn

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Lets review a few factoids:

  • Aerobic exercise sessions typically burn 5 -7 calories a minute
  • Strength training burns 5 – 8 calories a minute
  • Strength training has a longer afterburn effect via EPOC
  • Muscle tissue burns more calories at rest than bodyfat
  • Without resistance training, we lose muscle mass as we age

For all intent and purposes; both aerobic and strength exercise burn the same relative amount of energy during the activity. That is during exercise, we are talking about RMR, or what is happening while at rest.

After exercise there is a period called EPOC, or post exercise oxygen consumption, where your body is replenishing energy stores; EPOC requires additional calories to accomplish. Studies show that resistance, or strength training, elicits more of a post exercise calorie burn, with increased fat oxidation, over other types of exercise.

Maintenance: both fat tissues and muscle mass in our body require energy each day.

  • Each pound of body fat stores burn approximately 2 – 3 calories a day during rest
  • Each pound of muscle tissue requires between 30-50 calories a day at rest

Increasing the amount of muscle mass you have on your body certainly will help you burn more calories each and every day; while working and at rest. As we age, we are losing lean body mass, gaining fat, and our metabolism slows down. The trend to lose muscle mass as we age is seen across studies, don’t let it happen to you.

The other piece to this puzzle is metabolic flexibility, or which energy source your body uses during activity. For most, the goal of fitness is improved health and burning energy, by energy we mean bodyfat. Typically, our bodies are burning bodyfat at rest and during low intensity exercise; during higher intensity exercise our bodies switch to more of a carbohydrate fuel source. The process of metabolic flexibility is something we work on with our clients and their nutrient timing.

Unfortunately for people who are untrained or with poor eating habits, their bodies aren’t burning bodyfat as efficiently as those who have a higher percentage of lean body mass, or muscle tissue.

So what should you do?

The single most important thing is working to maintain or build muscle tissue! This also works to reverse the effect of aging, maintains strong bones, as well as heats up your metabolism.

Chronically under-eating depletes muscle tissue and slows metabolism. Do you know your TDEE or Total Daily Energy Expenditure? If your daily intake is chronically low, jumping into higher caloric intakes can be problematic; you might need coaching advice as you transition your body to

  • Eating the proper food amounts
  • Building your lean muscle mass
  • Speeding up your metabolism as you build up your TDEE

What about you, are you still trying to burn off those last few pounds?

Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels?

Are you interested in learning about how you can eat more of the foods you love and still lose bodyfat?

Are you exercising more, eating less, and feeling like you are losing muscle tone?

Get on the list for our next group coaching session, or contact us for personalized coaching with Mpoweru2.fitness and/or the entire ETP team, which includes personal attention from PhD nutrition and metabolism experts.




4 Responses to Energy, Calorie Intake, and Daily Burn

  1. Haralee

    I like this refresher, thanks!
    Haralee recently posted…10 Tips for Summer Family Get TogethersMy Profile

  2. Meg Root

    This is a great post for those struggling to lose weight. So many people want to do it quickly—Biggest Loser style. It looks like the science supports exactly what you are sharing. You need to hold on to your muscle mass! Wish more people knew this, and your post will be helpful spreading the word.

    • Bodynsoil says:

      Thank you for sharing the word, agreed that this is a message that needs to get out to people. It is a scary process, in the beginning, when people are building up their metabolism as there can be some weight gain. However it comes off quickly and typically there is more muscle, which is shapelier and as the piece says, helps burn bodyfat.
      Bodynsoil recently posted…Energy, Calorie Intake, and Daily BurnMy Profile

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