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Twelve of Twelve: May 2013

Twelve of Twelve: May 2013

I have to apologize for the lack of an April Twelve of Twelve post, my life has been a whirlwind of: gardening, fitness, a few small trips and lots of outdoor time without camera or phone. (Akkk, seriously, hours without electronics in hand, shudder!! The horror..)

So, I’ll try to make it up by getting this month’s photos up early! The gardens are absolutely stunning this year and there will be a few photos from over a few days as well, I want to share some of the show with you.. (I’ll have more by the end of the day today)


  • Rhubarb Season Rhubarb Season This has been a fantastic year for the rhubarb; in less than a week growth, 9 days ago it was just a nub.. A nice mix of rain and we are rewarded with a decent crop this year. A closer, inside view, shows nice firm stalks.. all the better to make compote with… done!.. :) Time to jar it up now and save it for later..
  • Strawberry Rhubarb Compote Strawberry Rhubarb Compote Fresh rhubarb screams strawberry and some fun bakery goods. Which, in my house, would first become strawberry rhubarb compote and it is always a treat to have around. The first day I made puff pastries with it, but after that a scoop or two would go into my post workout nutrition…
  • Start of Something Good Start of Something Good The beginning of something good... This is how the pie started, I tossed in the remaining compote from last night. In just a few moments this creation will be in the oven and filling the house up with smells.
  • Out of the Oven Out of the Oven She’s just out of the oven in the shot, after cooling off for just a quick bit. Things look good and soon we shall give it a taste..
  • Casein Flourless Torte Casein Flourless Torte I made only little addition to a popular recipe and got very dense fudgy pudding.. I need to duplicate it, then write it down for sharing..
  • Bleeding Heart Bleeding Heart Really, this is one of my favorite flowers in the spring time.. There is nothing better than the morning sun, shining through the semi transparent hearts, giving them a seemingly internal glow.
  • Hosta Hosta We hope to streamline the garden plan, making spring cleanup easier. Hosta seem to be the perfect fit for that job as they grow into a bigger thicker mat each year, not leaving much room for weed growth.
  • Rain Kissed lupine Rain Kissed lupine After a bit of rain, the lupine leaves look like they are covered in droplets of lace. Soon they will be in full bloom, covered with spikes of pinks and purple.
  • An afternoon project An afternoon project Originally we wanted an umbrella that you could move around, but this unit had more options, a bug screen being one of them. We spent extra time on the patio last night, with the fire table on to keep us warm.. pure bliss..
  • Our pooch, resting up Our pooch, resting up Yesterday we went to the store to order doors to be installed but instead discovered this nice gazebo. Setting it up wasn’t the easiest thing in the world to do, but it is done and we now have a nice place to relax outside.
  • Pass The Peas Pass The Peas Peas, Onions, and garlic in the distance. We’ve worked hard to stay ahead with the peas, first with good germination then keeping the pets away from eating them before you do.. The wild rabbits are considered pets… along with our dog, who eats the peas plants to the ground if we let him.
  • All comfy on the inside All comfy on the inside


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