January 2013 12 of 12 Project

Well I am glad to say we are still here, the Mayan calendar makers had everyone in a tizzy for nothing.

Joke’s on us folks..


It is January here in Vermont, it appears we are in a spring thaw as we woke to nearly 40 degree temps.

My first photo of the day, with more added as time moves on.


Mid winter thaw January 12, 2013

Mid winter thaw January 12, 2013


I’ve added a food scale to my kitchen, it makes measuring ingredients so much easier..


Almond cookie dough drops

Almond Cookie Dough Drops

It is nice to always have some light and flowers in bloom, all throughout the winter month



January 12, 2013 ~ Violets in bloom

I like my gym space picked up after others use it, well at least others are using it..


From there we went out to watch the UVM Hoop Cats, it was a boring first half and livened up in the second half.. Thankfully

UVM Hoop Cats

UVM Hoop Cats

You have to show some team spirit… GO CATS GO

My "Team Spirit" shirt for the day.

My “Team Spirit” shirt for the day.

It was time to renew one of my favorite magazines, this renewal had so much more to offer than just 6 issues: Print copies, Digital Editions, Online Access, Courses and a free book.. NICE SCORE


Intelligent Optimist ~ Time to Renew..

Intelligent Optimist ~ Time to Renew..


I promised myself that I would sort through the boxes I had stacked in the far corner of the workout room..

The look of a floor after the removal of boxes

The look of a floor after the removal of boxes


After 10 days of absolutely no carbs, it was time to indulge a bit..  Blonde brownies with coconut and dark chocolate chips..

Carb Night

Carb night

Waiting to be planted

Waiting to be planted

Unbelievable to have temperatures around 46 degrees at 5pm on January 12, 2013.

January 12, 2013 temps at 5pm

January 12, 2013 temps at 5pm


I’ve been working a different routine lately and the 12th was an day off..

No strength training today

All I did was a full body HIIT, no strength training for me.


Also for your viewing pleasure.. A video of Wednesday’s sunrise over camel Hump.. Via: WCAX Tv

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