I can’t believe a month has gone by already; full of studying  and taking notes for blog posts which haven’t been written just yet.  I should be back to writing soon enough, but until then my 12 of 12’s are a day in the life of moi…

5:00am. What am I studying: Fitness and I am on the longest chapter ever, or so it seems. (actually should still be studying but working now)

Building a database of all the information to assist me later on, after the certifications


6:15 am Yes, it is just another bike ride; the photo is slightly blurry, which is what you might expect when the wheels are spinning..


7:15am I think this played almost the entire way to work, another cardio, as I danced in my seat while driving.. Yes, I am a crazy “dancing while you drive” kinda lady.


6:15am – 6:45am This was my reading for the morning bike ride. Halle is one beautiful lady

(an inspiration to keep pedaling) who wouldn’t want to look like her for a day..


 5:15pm Here is a big shocker, another workout in the afternoon; these are the remnants of chest workout..


6:30pm The longest chapter ever is all about fitness assessments, all these formulations and notes; thankfully,

I have them in an excel spreadsheet for later use.


7:20pm These are my newest addition to my daily wardrobe, house slippers…. Digging them..


8:00 pm This is part of the little “in house” garden we have going.. Artichoke heaven if it produces a shoot…


Noonish: A nice day, suitable for a nice walk downtown to see the newest mural..


It’s a babbling brook, who doesn’t like listening to them..

I will leave you with this song by Gary Wright “Love is Alive” November 2012 song of the day

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  1. laurie says:

    yes! I read your posts! Look forward to them!

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