Homeowners forced to remove their gardens

Until I saw this photo on Facebook, I had no idea people were being forced to remove their gardens.  The photo below certainly gets the point across regarding the irony of what is and isn’t legal in our country.  I am sure the city gardening ordinance was due to concerns of errant gardens, abandoned after the reality of maintenance hit the overzealous homeowner.

The photo on the right, below, certainly doesn’t look like an abandoned garden; instead it looks like a well-tended piece of property.  Can you imagine the shock when these homeowners were given two weeks to remove it!!  While not impossible to do, (who would want to!!)  it would cause transplant shock and loss of production.. boo on that..

Photo via thegrist.org http://bit.ly/OAJxyr

The Grist has fantastic information regarding this story and it is certainly worth reading. Until then:  a little snippet from the Grist’s “City officials wage a war on gardens” for your enjoyment..


“But whether these gardeners are planning to feed their own families or a few of their neighbors doesn’t really matter. It’s not the 1950s anymore: Not everyone needs to grow a perfectly manicured lawn, especially when vegetable gardens can look just as attractive, improve the soil (instead of requiring tons of pesticides), and provide fresh food.”

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  1. Cail says:

    Wow. This is completely mind-boggling to me. We aren’t gardeners, but we’ve often talked about it as an alternative to the produce section at the store. Luckily I don’t think we’ll have this problem, but the thought never occurred to me that gardening might be an issue in some areas.

    I’m enjoying your blog – keep up the great work!
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