• Dr. Evil,
  • Mr. Bigglesworth and
  • Monsanto

Which one isn’t like the other?

There is no question really – they are evil powers trying to gain control of the world — only one is real, the other two are fictional characters.  Monsanto has successfully gained access to powerful positions within our government, allowing them to have free reign and access to enact their diabolical plan!

What plan is that, apparently they want to control the world’s food supply though patents and legal actions against those who don’t agree with their plan. The horror to this story – our government is blindly stamping “Approved” to everything they ask for.

Monsanto has successfully patented seeds!!  Seeds that took mother nature years to perfect, worse is it is done with government approval!  Their GMO seeds, plus their toxic chemicals, have shown to increase: cancers, mental disorders, food allergies and other bodily harm; yet they are allowed to continue patenting and bullying farmers to use their products. They are even successfully suing organic farmers:  who’s crops show signs that GMO patented seeds have cross pollinated with heirloom organic seeds – created by mother nature – shouldn’t it be the other way around???

Why is this happening?  Monsanto has successfully injected their top level officials into major governmental positions

What has Monsanto accomplished in the last few years?  Here is a list of just a few things they are working on:


(I could fill these pages with posts detailing the crimes against humanity)

Listen to this eleven year old boy talking about what he has learned about GMO – out of the mouths of babes. I don’t blame him for being concerned, his future is at risk – where will he find safe food products for himself and his future children? He has excellent points: greedy politicians and corporations are working to take control and destroy all that nature has done to create a perfect balance.

I have been struggling with the reality regarding the direction our country is going when it comes to our future. I am increasing disgusted with the behaviors of those in power ~ those who continue to back the evil powers who are trying to gain control of our food supply. It can’t be due to their belief that this is in the best interest of our future, instead, it has to be about financial backing for their campaigns.  I haven’t lost hope that we can all band together and do something to end these crimes against nature!!

Why am I concerned?  These are but a few reasons:


Must Read: The History of Monsanto

The documentary is a must Watch:  The World According to Monsanto 

Why am I not losing hope?  Because people are starting to notice ~ social media is send out the message to their family and friends. This message is an effort to educate the on what has been going on ever to secretly behind closed governmental doors, here are a few hopeful articles I found..

What can you do to help?

Take Action and sign the petitions below, let your local politicians know you won’t vote for them if they continue to support genetically modified foods, it is time we stood together to protect our future generations

Take a stand today and end the madness and the race to control what you eat and the future of your family…  ACT NOW before it is too late…

Retweet this post, stumble it, share this with your friends: lets work together to get the word out that we need to join together and get the job done.

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