Weekly Snippets and Points to Ponder 12

Weekly Snippets and Points to Ponder

  • Think healthy, Eat healthy: This is something we had been discussing in our fitness group for some time now, so it was exciting to see CalTech researching this, according to a report in Science Daily. Their article: “Think Healthy, Eat Healthy: Scientists Show Link Between Attention and Self-Control” gives details about which area of the brain controls these choices and why.
  • Milk makes a great post workout drink: Many times over the years I have read that chocolate milk is the best post workout drink for adults. Now research done at McMaster University shows that milk is better for children when it comes to post workout hydration. You can read the article here: Milk Better than Water to Rehydrate Kids via Science Daily

  • Reading “Expanding the Border of Local Food Advocates” Via Ode Magazine regarding the food crisis in East Africa and the terrible consequences of the famine. Many will read about drought, soaring food cost and the struggles of millions of people in a far placed country and think it can’t happen here but it can. We all need to pay attention to things happening around us. Support your local food producers and encourage local growth of products.  Via Ode Magazine: “Think globally, act locally and support global reform.”
  • Article written in 2003 is still interesting: The article titled “Unhappy Meal” by Ode Magazine’s Marco Visscher was written in 2003 but still is a good read today. In it they state facts like: “A recent study showed that since 1985 the vitamin and mineral content in beans has fallen by 60%, by 70% in potatoes and by 80% in apples. Popeye would have to eat 200 cans of spinach today to get the same amount of iron as he got from that one can 50 years ago.”  This might be an older article but still a good solid read.  I am researching updates to this article and hope to report back soon on any new developments.

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