Image Via: Tim Zeltner and Yankee magazine

Weekly Snippets and Points to Ponder (July 30) 2

  • I’ve just finished reading “Poor diet and low income linked to accelerated aging” by Jarret Morrow MD.   I believe there is a connection and have witnessed the effects of poverty, stress and nutrition on aging on an individual family level as well. How you life your life, how well you handle stress/anger/conflict, if you eat right and exercise have a profound impact on how quickly your body ages. What are your thoughts on this?
  • Oxygen Magazine has a nice blog post about Carb Control this week. 5 ways to choose good carbs and how to modify your diet. .
  • Stealthy Vegetables by NYTimes is about how you can sneak vegetables into your children’s diets by mixing them into recipes puréed. They did get the children to increase their vegetable intake without impacting the taste of the food but then they mention it was deceptive. There are worse ways to trick a child, mixing vegetables into their food to improve their health seems okay with me.
  • This article makes me happy, why, when I was young Hardwick had a negative reputation and wasn’t a “destination” location for sure. Now with an excellent eye for revitalization they have turned the town around and really created a nice niche for themselves. I hope you take the time to read “Hardwick, The local frontier of Food” by Yankee Magazine and Bill McKibben to see the many positive things happening in this small Vermont town.


Image Via: Tim Zeltner and Yankee magazine


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