Weekly Snippets & Points to Ponder 2

Weekly Snippets & Points to Ponder


  • How clean is your kitchen? According the the CDC 1 in 6 people get sick from food borne illness annually. How clean is your kitchen and could you pass a health inspection? This page from Men’s Health “Counter Attack” shows a few tips to help you find your way.
  • Are you at risk for Heart Disease? MSN Health recently posted “5 New Rules for a Healthy Heart,”  taking these steps could help improve your cardiovascular health and move those odds in your favor.
  • Opana, a narcotic drug once only used during surgery, has been released in tablet form as a prescription pain reliever. The drug has a high level of dependency and risk for death when mixed with alcohol. In the first 6 months of 2010 52 died from accidental overdose, in fact, accidental overdose kills more people annually than fatal car crashes. Read this report called Deadly Drugs by Men’s Health for the full story.


  • The title: Not Your Grandpa’s Garden, thinking outside the row by The Master Gardener Blog made me smile, my grandfather and my mother both planted in long straight lines. I remember countless hours weeding the rows, how nuts! I plant in 4×4 squares with minimal row space and I also have minimal weeding. Enough about me however, check out these artistic gardens, stunningly planting arrangements.

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