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Dare to go bare!

Still promising yourself you’ll lose those holiday pounds? Struggling to get back into last year’s swimsuit? Are looking for support to keep your fitness motivation up? If you answered yes to any of those question now is your chance to join in the fun with the Bear Dare starting June 1st, what is the Bear Dare.. Keep reading to find out..

The P90X Bear Dare

The P90X Bear Dare

To date I have done 7 rounds of P90X, a program that I have had a lot of success with.  When I was asked to assist Drill SGT Buff in leading the “troops,” who will be starting the Bear Dare on June 1st, I gladly accepted the call to action. The Bear Dare Challenge has more than one benefit, first it helps the health and wellness of those working to improve their fitness. Second, proceeds from the product purchases through the General Sarge store benefit the Family First Campaign; this is a win win program as I see it.

Drill SGT Buff works P90X

What is the Bear Dare and how do you participate?
Participation is simple, if you have P90X already, you can join in the Bear Dare via the Twitter hashtag #BearDare for inspiration and motivation. If you need P90X or any of the supporting products and want to contribute to the Family First Campaign please visit the Bare Dare store for your purchase.

What is Bodynsoil’s role in the Bear Dare?
Drill SGT Buff has asked me to assist in answering any questions you might have relating to the programs or products of interest, you can also email me directly, anytime, for more personal help regarding the fitness programs.

Do I have to use P90X to participate?

The Family First Campaign and the Bear Dare uses P90X as their program of choice, this is due to trainer Tony Horton’s current support of the military. That doesn’t mean you HAVE to use P90X. If you have something else that interests you, or have fitness limits, there are many other options to choose from. Unsure of which program is right for you, see a breakdown comparison chart click here to help you decide.

Who can participate in the Bear Dare?
Anyone interested in working towards improving their health and fitness, preparing for a future enlistment or getting ready for drill weekend would be welcome. But, this is not just targeted toward the military. As a matter of fact, the best part about the program is the fact you can simply get fit and healthy and at the same time help military families as a portion of the sales from P90X or any other Team Beachbody product, purchased through the General Sarge site,  goes to support the Families First Campaign. Please feel free to share the Bear Dare information with anyone you believe might benefit from the support and encouragement of people bonding over a shared goal; getting fit while supporting a great cause.

Where do I find the support page?
Once you join the Bear Dare you should be able to participate in the Bear Dare discussion group. The discussion area will be a place to post questions, look for motivation and add to the conversation relating to your daily workout.

How else can I get the word out about the Bear Dare?
Soon you will be able to purchase Bear Dare products like shirts, bags, cups and various other Bear Dare goodies to show your support to the Family First Campaign. Feel free to forward information pertaining to the Bear Dare to anyone you feel might be interested.

I don’t have a Facebook account, how can I stay connected?
General Sarge is on Twitter too, along with DrRus his human owner’s Dad. General Sarge is actually PVT Benjamin Jeffrey’s Build-A-Bear that he received when he was 10 years old. Find out more about PVT Ben and General Sarge on the “About General Sarge” page. I can also be found on twitter as Bodynsoil..  We are currently using the hashtag #BearDare on Twitter; feel free to join in our conversations live.

These are just a few things we will be doing in the months to come. Please join us in our quest to support the Family First Campaign by joining the Bear Dare fitness challenge. Are you feeling uncomfortable fitting in your swimwear, don’t dare to go bare around the spouse then join in the Bear Dare and go back to daring to bare it this summer, what to you have to lose, except those dreaded few pounds you have promised yourself you would do.

Your participation in the Bear Dare discussion groups isn’t mandatory but it certainly is beneficial to the success of the overall experience for everyone. We all have days that we struggle to make the best choices for our health and fitness. Being a part of a larger group helps keep you motivated and engaged in the process, you don’t have to contribute but we certainly hope that you will.

Be a player and take part today..

6 Responses to The Bear Dare does Beachbody’s P90X

  1. Dr. Rus says:

    Hey Janet;

    We are winding up in preparation and working hard for the Bear Dare here at General Sarge HQ! Thanks so much for your help and your encouragement all along the way!

    Dr. Rus
    Dr. Rus recently posted…Day 106- National Infantry MuseumMy Profile

    • jhughes says:

      As the human owner of Drill SGT Buff, a member of that General Sarge task force, I feel it is important to support the Family First campaign in the best way possible. Of course we wish you success with this and know that you have the best interest of our future heros in the forefront of this campaign.

  2. Dawn says:

    Anyone who has an image with a teddy bear has to have my support!

    Will certainly go and check the BearDare challenge out. Like most of us, I could always do with losing a bit more. Particularly after an over indulgent Easter!
    Dawn recently posted…Apr 16- Best Hearing AidMy Profile

    • jhughes says:

      I see you are a fan of the bear, glad to see you here and supporting a good cause. Welcome aboard and looking forward to getting to know you over on the Facebook Bear Dare discussion group, the more the merrier and supportive!

    • Hey there Dawn!

      Thanks so much for your support. We're really excited about not only getting fit but also supporting parents through the Families First Campaign so they can attend the graduation of their future soldier/hero. We recently returned from our sons graduation from Fort Benning, GA. I have to admit there were not only tears in our eyes as we watched our son graduate, but also tears for the men who worked so hard but knew their parents were unable to attend because of finances.

      Thanks for your support!

      Dr. Rus – aka – General Sarge
      Dr. Rus Jeffrey recently posted…P90X-Bear Dare Event Announcement!My Profile

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