Cleaning with Water, it’s a good thing

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Chemical Free Cleaning


In the U.S., every 30 seconds, a child goes thru poison control due to accidental poisoning from household chemicals.  Before you are born your body is home to over 200 chemicals, a number that continues to increase every day of your life.  Chemical cleaners leave residues that can be transferred to your food items and also to your cooking and eating utensils. Anyone with small children knows how many times they place things in their mouths, ingesting germ and toxic chemicals.  Why clean with chemicals when there are safer and less toxic alternatives available.


We clean all our hard surfaces: counter tops, floors, glass, stainless steel, fruit and vegetables with theActiveIon unit and are cleaning with ionized water. Most household cleaners mask the harmful chemicals by adding bright colors and strong fragrances.Activeion uses only tap water to safely clean your home. 

“Chemicals found in cleaners are the second leading cause of childhood poisons and a recipe for long-term health conditions. The only ingredient you’ll find in ActiveIon is water. Source: Toronto Indoor Air Conference 1990 or Toronto Indoor Air Commission.”
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