When we first moved into this house I was ready to garden and had a clean slate to work with.  Moving into a house built pre civil war with so much history is really neat.  Around the property we find remnants of the past lives who spent time here.   The house was a boarding house, a music school, a farm store, farmhouse, and housed the wives left behind when their spouses were off to war.  The vegetation was mostly gone when we arrived but we knew that the house had a lots of gardens as the past owner ran a vegetable stand.  We are on sand and the only way anyone could garden here would be to use a lot of synthetic fertilizer as I see no sign of composting anywhere around.  

I immediately started a compost system here and still compost today but in a closed container.   The open container is quick and easy to build and work with but the vermin were attracted to the night buffet laid out before them.   There are days we fill this up to the brim and can barely close the cover but when you check it a few days later it will be reduced in half.  We have a large heap style compost pile but that isn’t for kitchen debris only yard waste, I rob the pile to feed the bin often.  

Funny thing about this post, I wanted to talk about the simple irrigation system I put in a few years ago.  That conversation will have to wait.. 

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