May 12 of 12, 2015

Here we are with another edition of Chad Darnell’s 12 of 12 from May 2015.  I like to make mine a series of 12 photos from the twelfth of the month, which is a blog hop.  Of course, this equals flower porn when done in the spring. These are my morning entries, more will be […]


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April 12 of 12 for 2015 1

Sunday, April the 12 th was a beautifully warm day spent clearing a winter weary garden. We were lucky to have had help from our son, he has been working on the flower gardens around the yard earlier in the week.  We’re excited to have completed the major clean up this early in the spring; […]

Making Hypertufa Planters 4

I intended to make Hypertufa Planters since I saw the original article, recently it happened. The catalyst was mostly due to the idea of creating a new garden space in planters, or pots. Researching the amount of pots, in the size needed, revealed a cost which seemed rather overwhelming. We set out to get this […]

wet form hypertufa

BioChar Benefits Your Garden 1

I just opened an issue of Organic Gardening, the first article I stumble upon is about BioChar titled “Carbon’s Champion.” When I first saw the piece, it seemed like I was looking at a popular advertising campaign’s “most interesting guy in the world,” that got my attention. The short piece in Organic Gardening was very […]


12 Photos of February 12

I tried something new this time, posting this early, then adding during the day. Please join in the fun and share a few photos from your day, post the link or the photo in the comment section. Thank you for playing and thank Chad Darnell for starting this great project.

Weekly Snippets

I need to return to posting the weekly snippets as a means to organize various things I really want to try in the future. Here are a few pieces I’ve been reading this week. Body: I’m reading this article by the Food Navigator which discusses yogurt and how marketing experts have taken a wholesome food […]

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The Math of Macro Tracking 4

The Math of Macro Tracking The thought image, below, popped into my social media stream, which really touches on how I’ve monitored what I eat and how I manage various eating protocols that I’ve tried.  It doesn’t hurt that I love both math and puzzles, which makes macro tracking, for me, a fun math project. […]

Simple Steps to Health and Fitness

The Simple Steps to Health and Fitness? Step right up! Read all about it! Everywhere you look you’ll see promises regarding the next miracle pill, fitness plan, and/or health tonic; all to gain better health and fitness. Some systems utilize lifestyle changes, which seem easy enough, at first at least. These changes become harder to […]

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